PURO mini coathanger

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PURO Mini is a smaller version of PURO Coathanger. PURO Mini keeps your clothes and accessories in a practical and gentle way, and at the same time keeps everything in place. PURO Mini is a product that is so easy to use that it can change most people's habits.
Bedrooms, offices, hotel rooms and the shops fitting rooms are examples of places where PURO Mini is used. Actually, PURO fits into most environments you can imagine.

Storage Facilities
PURO Mini is mounted on the wall using a bracket. On this bracket, up to three coat hangers that keep shirts and jackets can be placed. On the back of PURO Mini, there are two small hooks, which are perfect for hanging of shirts, T-shirts, necklaces, jackets and scarves.
On the long bar at the bottom of PURO Mini, pants and skirts are hung.

The large hook at the top of PURO is brilliant for keeping scarves and necklaces.

Compared to a traditional coat hanger, standing on the floor, the wall mounted PURO is off the floor and simplifies cleaning.

Quality and manufacturing
The PURO series is made of solid beech, oak or birch, which is lacquered or spray painted. The metal parts are made of polished stainless steel. Nicsam is in full control of the production to be sure that the products sold are of the utmost quality and at the best ease of use.
45 x 20.5 x 15.5 cm (W x H x D)

Niclas Rütt is the designer and creator of PURO series.
Niclas Rütt is the founder of Nicsam AB, which in turn owns all rights to the entire product line PURO.




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