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Hat rack, hangers & coathangers is our responsibility

PURO hatthylla vit m kromgalgar P1010819 P1010825 P1010827 P1010832 P1010834 P1010846 P1010841 P1010821 Frilagd röd hatthylla annon Hatthylla svart 2015 annons
1 995 kr

PURO Wire coathanger

795 kr

PURO Wire is a coathanger that keep both clothes and accessories in a structured, gentle and beautiful way. Wire is made of metal, with high-quality powder coating surface.
As all other products in the PURO series offers two wire hangers on the back. On the wall bracket you can storage up to four standard hangers.

Grå Grön PURO/hatthylla Ek PURO/hatthylla Vit PURO/hatthylla flera hyllplan Ek PURO/hatthylla Magenta PURO/hatthylla Björk PURO/hatthylla Grå PURO/hatthylla Vit PURO/hatthylla PURO hatthylla beklädd 1 PURO grå sne konferens ek med galge PURO hatthylla beklädd 1 bad 1 vit Sovrum ek puro inredningsg Hatthylla mässa Magenta PURO/hatthylla Björk PURO/hatthylla Blå PURO/hatthylla Frilagd röd hatthylla annon Bum rum 6 PURO med Chrome 3 P1010850 P1010841 uddevalla hotell 3 Hatthylla vit nr 2 Hatthylla vit
2 295 kr
Racerblå Svart Magenta Ek Vit Björk Mini vårgrön mini björk kontor
1 495 kr
3-Chrome-vit Chrome vit 20171018_145616 20171018_150043 20171018_150429 Hatthylla svart 2015 vit bakgrund PURO Basic mått
225 kr
329 kr
379 kr